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CAROL JOY LONDON (Asia & South Africa)

Carol Joy's quest for ageless beauty led her to the world's leading laboratories and after testing hundreds of formulations over many years, and investing over £10m, Carol Joy finally discovered the high power of "Refined Organic Golden Millet Oil" expertly extracted by Swiss scientists. This highly expensive and deeply potent active ingredient achieves instant and miraculous results. This discovery, a unique combination of the latest Swiss engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques, now allows everyone to recapture their youth, energy, confidence and beauty.

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Elemental Herbology has the pursuit of good health, nutrition and wellness as its core. With deep roots in the comprehensive template that organizes all natural phenomena into five master groups or patterns known as the Five Elements Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Elemental Herbology has used this master blueprint and combines it with patented, high tech and botanical ingredients to create an indulgent, niche, natural skincare and body care brand. Made in England, they support responsible harvesting and production of all raw materials. This Mega award winning brand places you #InYourElement.

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British born Georgia Louise is one of the world’s most in-demand aestheticians. Established since 2006 in London, Georgia Louise set up her famously acclaimed Atelier on Manhattan's Upper East Side in 2010, offering high end non-invasive facials. Georgia has perfected her techniques and touch with over 20 years of pure hands-on passion. The professional products and impressive selection of non-invasive devices that become part of the highly curated group of the Georgia Louise brand, encompasses the newest, ‘now’-est and future of skincare. Each product and device plays a part in helping customers achieve the Georgia Louise GLO.


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KNESKO (Asia & South Africa)

Lejla Cas founder of KNESKO SKIN is a true original who resists easy categorization. She is a Reiki Master, an international renowned celebrity skin care specialist, aesthetician, makeup artist, businesswoman, entrepreneur, wife, mother, friend and teacher. KNESKO SKIN bridges science and spirituality with revolutionary GEMCLINICAL™ skin care technology. Developed by a team of doctors and the Reiki Master herself, these serum-infused natural collagen gel masks use precious gemstones and minerals to activate the Chakras and help rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level. With every KNESKO mask charged with universal reiki energy personally transferred by Lejla, this innovative line of luxury skin care products, combines ancient and modern technologies working as one for transformational results.


LING SKIN CARE (Asia & South Africa)

LING Skincare has clients saying “WOW!” after each treatment and is known as the go-to place for Hollywood A-Listers and Supermodels. Known for performing skincare miracles, LING Skincare was voted “Best Kept Secrets” by Allure Magazine, “Best of New York” by New York Magazine and “Top Places to Get a Glowing Facial” by Forbes. We are beyond facialist, we are skin specialist. Every facial includes custom skin care solutions designed for your specific skin concern.



Margaret Dabbs is passionate about feet, a fully trained Podiatrist who set up a series of Foot Clinics starting in 1998, and pioneered the now renowned “Medical Pedicure“. She created a range of foot products to fuse both the health and beauty of the feet after feeling let down by products that were either treatment remedies which were unpleasant to use, or beauty products for feet which were ineffective on a treatment level. Margaret set about sourcing raw ingredients from around the world, mixed these in her consulting rooms and created a range of foot products for use in her clinics. These were highly effective on a treatment level, and gorgeous to use, so unlike anything else seen in the foot care market.


OMOROVICZA (Asia & South Africa)

The Omorovicza story begins over 2,000 years ago, when the healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters were first discovered. In the 1800s the Omorovicza Family built the beautiful Racz spa in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, on the site of amedieval healing spring. Two hundred years later, descendant Stephen took his future wife Margaret to the baths in Budapest. Amazed at the transformation of their skin, they enlisted the help of a Nobel prize-winning labo-ratory to harness these healing waters into a pioneering new skincare range.

SUBTLE ENERGIES (Asia & South Africa)
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Farida Irani founded Subtle Energies as a clinic in 1993. She is a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner, a clinical Aromatherapist and teacher qualified in Aromatic Medicine, Bowen Therapy Instructor, a Remedial Therapist and a Reflexologist. Farida is regarded as a pioneer in Ayurveda Aromatherapy. Today Subtle Energies is: family owned, family run, proudly Australian with deep roots in India and creates, results-based aromatherapy, natural and emotional skincare with real wellness solutions to support modern day wellness practises such as workplace wellness, yoga, mindfulness and meditation founded on authentic Ayurveda principles.


Co-Founders Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey, now considered pioneers of modern day aromatherapy, established Aromatherapy Associates in 1985 to share the benefits of essential oils they’d blended as therapists in a range of therapeutic-grade formulations that clients could use at home. Drawing on the time-honoured traditional use of pure herbal and flower extracts to heal, they continue to create powerful and highly effective blends that restore health and vitality on every level. Found at some of the world’s most luxurious spas, Aromatherapy Associates therapeutic essential oils transform your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – and leave you with radiant skin.

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CAROL JOY LONDON is a British-born hair and skincare brand that attributes  its success to the best of Swiss skincare manufacturing and German collagen  technology, coupled with the unquestionable British drive for excellence  that formed the brand’s foundations. This powerful combination has led to  partnerships with some of the most prestigious spas in the most exclusive  destinations worldwide, redefining the boundaries of luxury.


Their expertly curated range of products utilises coveted ingredients including  Golden Millet Oil and medically-derived Pure Collagen, as well as a host of  earth’s finest materials such as diamond dust and botanical actives. Face and  body treatments combine these with precious Caviar Algae, 24 Carat Gold Leaf  and techniques such as myofascial massage to deliver transformational results.


Carol Joy London provides a complete solution to luxury wellness witha selection  of facials, body treatments, massage, hair treatments and shower room  amenities. The exciting journey continues for this brand which was recently  included as one of 150 leading British brands in Country & Town House’s Great  British Brands 2019.

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