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The ultimate success of a business lies in the hands of the employees and even more so in the case of a Spa. Our bespoke training programs build product knowledge, technical skills, confidence and enthusiasm, resulting in increased revenue & profits. Offering an elevated an improved and consistant level of services will have a direct imapct on guest satisfaction scores and treatment & retail revenues. 



Developed and taught by industry experts, the Spa Management Training Program will help your team to become proficient in all aspects of managing a spa including Financial Basics (budgeting, forecasting, P&L reports, and operating expenses), Human Resources (structure, recruitment, retention and motivation), Quality Management, and Guest Journey to exceed client expectations.


Our comprehensive and interactive Spa Therapist Training Programmes focus on Technical Skills (body massage, body treatments, facials and hand & foot Care); Advanced Spa Techniques (communication, special touches and draping); Retail Skills (consultation techniques, homecare recommendations and sales techniques) and can include Pantry Set-up and Wastage Control. 



An efficent and professional reception is crucial to the success of the business. The Spa Reception Training Program prepares staff to anticpate the needs of the guest to create a memorable spa experience. The team are taught Reservation Maximisation (up-selling and yield management); Reporting Systems; Retailing Tools and Techniques and Glitch Handling 


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